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After School Education and Safety


The purpose of Whitehead’s ASES program is to provide safe and educational opportunities for its participants. The program has three components: academic, enrichment, and recreation.  The academic support is provided by experienced tutors and credentialed teachers. Focus is on language arts and math, but all academic areas are included. Enrichment and recreation are also provided by teachers and tutors with a focus on art, music, nutrition, agriculture, science, and sports. 

Returning this year to the ASES program is Project Based Learning. This teaching method  focuses on student choice. Grade levels choose a subject to research and then become experts on their selection. Presentations are given at the end of the year. Our theme for this year again is the garden. Each grade level choses a different course of study such as organisms that live in the garden or different fruits and vegetables grown in the garden. Oral presentations, display boards, clay models, and power points are just a few ways students can show off their work.  Look for our project night some time in May!

Enrichment Component


Activity description:  Students are offered a variety of arts and crafts activities.

Goal:  To provide students with opportunities to explore their creativity and learn about art.


Activity description: A variety of clubs will be offered through out the school year. Some examples are computers, board games, playground games, arts & crafts, cooking, gardening, life skills, writing, reading, and sign language.

Goal: To provide choice to students wishing to learn a new skill or to have group time in a favorite activity. 


Activity description:  K – 6th grade students who wish to participate in Ballet Folklorico  practice twice a week beginning in January. A celebration and performance will be planned for May.

Goal:  This activity will emphasize cultural pride in traditions as well as exposure to dance. 


Activity description:  Each week students in grades kindergarten through 6 will receive instruction in music.

Goal:  To provide music enrichment and education.


Activity description: Starting in the fall, students receive weekly instruction in nutrition and healthy eating habits.

Goal: To encourage healthy eating habits and an understanding of nutrition.


Activity description: Students will learn about agriculture in Yolo County, common crops, where food comes from, and a variety of other ag related lessons.

Goal: To learn about plants and how they grow, to connect what students eat with where it comes from, to help students make connections with the rich agricultural region they live in.


Activity description: Grade level classes choose a topic to research.

Goal: To learn in depth about student’s areas of interest, to improve public speaking and presenting skills.


Activity description: Students use the computer lab once a week. Focus is on language arts and math activities that improve academic skills. Students in grades 2 through 6 also use ipads to practice keyboarding.

Goal: to improve language arts and math skills, computer skills, and keyboarding skills.


Other Programs and Extracurricular Activities

  • Kid’s Farmers Market sponsored by Yolo County Food Bank
  • Personal Power and Why Try groups for 5th/6th grade students
  • Ag in the Classroom provided by Yolo County Farm Bureau
  • Cinco de Mayo Celebration
  • ASES End of Year Talent Show
  • Power Play, Reading Across My Pyramid, and TWIGS: Nutrition curriculum provided by University of California Nutrition Education Program
  • Garden Club

Academic Component

Academic and homework support are provided daily. Each day begins with a short lesson on either Language Arts or Math. Students also work on daily homework. The coordinator and tutors collaborate closely with classroom teachers in order to connect the afterschool program with the classroom. 

Newsletters and Forms


ASES Staff

ASES Staff

Contact Information

DeAnn Tenhunfeld, ASES Coordinator

Email: deann.tenhunfeld@wjusd.org

Phone: (530) 867-2182

Daily Schedule

 Fall ASES Schedule

Sign In/Supper/Announcements: 2:45-3:15, 1:35-2:15 on Wednesday

Homework Club: 3:15-4:30, 2:15-3:15 on Wednesday

Recess Break: 4:30-4:45, 3:15-3:30 on Wednesday

Enrichment: 4:45-5:45, 3:30-4:30 on Wednesday

Clean up/Sign out/Wednesday Staff meeting (recreation or reading for ASES students): 5:45-6:00, 4:30-6:00 on Wednesday



4th grade: 3:00-3:30

3rd grade: 3:30-4:00

Kinder/1st: 4:00-4:30


2nd grade: 3:00-3:30

5th grade: 3:30-4:00

6th grade: 4:00-4:30


Sign In/Supper/Kid’s Farmer’s Market/Recreation: 2:45-3:30

Announcements/ Drawing/Team Building: 3:30-4:30

4:30-4:45: Club Sign up

Clubs: 4:45-5:45

Clean up/Sign out: 5:45-6:00

Program Vision and Goals

Whitehead’s ASES program provides a safe afterschool place for students to get help on their homework and have extra support in language arts and math. Enrichment opportunities expose students to a variety of activities. Students have time to experience art, sports, gardening, agriculture, dance, and music. They can be excited about their varied school experience. It is our goal and vision to provide students the opportunity to improve academically while also growing as learners in other areas. This will allow for a well-rounded education and assist in their growth toward responsible and respectful citizens.

Student Enrollment

CHANGES COMING TO ASES ENROLLMENT FOR THE 2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR. To learn more about the changes, please attend our ASES CHANGES parent meeting on Thursday, March 26th, from 6-7 pm.